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Suggested Reading

A few months ago my son Arthur’s reading abilities just took off, thanks in great part to reading classes he attended during the summer at Rebecca Wolf’s Sibley Learning Center. And also thanks to several ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ books he took a liking to. I suppose the fact that Stephanie and I have read to him and his sister every night since they were very young was also a big influence. It’s one of our little traditions that I am particularly fond of, especially since we started reading longer chapter books. We finished ‘The Hobbit’ just last month. Boy, did I love that!! One of the many joys of parenthood for me is getting to share some of my favorite books and movies with my kids, and reliving some of my fondest experiences with them.

We also love going to the little Bergen-Byron Library that’s just around the block from our house once a week or so. So about two weeks ago Stephanie took the crew over there one day and Arthur found the first book in a series of Graphic Novels (Comic Books, for us old-timers) called ‘Bone”. Now, when I saw it I knew I’d heard of this series before, like it was famous as Graphic Novels go, and I was right. After reading the first installment and doing a bit of research, I have fallen in love with the Bone books. And so have Arthur and Fiona. The author, Jeff Smith, is a riot. The kind of guy I’d like to hang out with. (I’ve watched a few videos about him on YouTube). He self-published the stories originally in the nineties, and then Scholastic published a new color version of the books in 2005. The story and the artwork are wonderful! It’s funny and mysterious and has a cast of cool characters. Someone online described it as a cross between ‘Pogo’ and ‘Lord of the Rings”, and that’s a pretty apt comparison.

We’ve just finished the third book and started number four. Oops! In fact Arthur just came in and informed me they’re upstairs and ready to start reading right now! I guess I need to wrap this up.

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