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Winter Fun

It’s finally March! The hope of spring is in sight!

By the end of February around Western New York it seems as if gray skies and bitter temps will never end. Especially since we’ve had about 2 feet of snow coming down over the last couple of weeks. But the last week of February I’ve actually been enjoying winter! That’s another benefit of having young children. I’ve got someone to drag my lazy ass out of the house and force me to have fun in the snow. And I’m so glad they have!

Last weekend we had friends stay overnight with their 2 daughters, who my children adore, and we went out to do some sledding. Then this past Saturday Arthur and I went with our neighbor and his 2 daughters to a big hill outside of the village for more sledding. It was glorious! Vast expanses of whiteness with huge, swirling snowflakes filling the sky. And lots of exercise walking back up the long hill. With that and the snow shoveling I’ve done lately I think I’ve had more exercise in the past 2 weeks than I’ve had in the past 3 months! And I’ve actually been enjoying winter again. (Now if only I could get a little cross-country in before winter ends!)

The daylight is lingering longer, the sunshine feels a little warmer. And my friend Ky told me this morning Daylight Savings Time begins in 2 weeks (March 14). I love spring!!

Another thing I love is the art of film making. The Cinema. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards Ceremony is this Sunday, March 7th.  Not that I generally care too much what the Academy thinks is worthy of recognition and what is not, but this year is interesting considering two science fiction films have received Best Picture nominations: Avatar and District 9. I think District 9 is a great film; Avatar I also enjoyed, but despite its unique achievements and technical innovations I can’t really see it being “Best Picture”. And I’m disappointed ‘Moon’ did not get any kind of nomination. It’s such a great film on many levels, but I don’t understand how Sam Rockwell wasn’t acknowledged for his amazing acting. Hell, he was pretty much the only character in the entire movie, besides Kevin Spacey as the voice of the computer!  Just go see ‘Moon’. It’s a gem!

That’s all the time I have for now. I found a few movie related links below. Enjoy!

10 Best Films of 2009

27 ‘Avatar’ questions answered by the movie’s designers

Why ‘District 9’ is too real for Oscar to ignore

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