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Sixties Music and Magnificent Obsessions

Good morning world! It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, though still a bit chilly outside. I’ve been experiencing a prolonged state of bliss while having breakfast and thought I’d take time out from my euphoria to write about it. A foolish act, I well know, but I just can’t help myself!

About 7:30 I was awakened by Fiona and Arthur informing me Vivian (the cat) had “thrown up” in Fiona’s bedroom. It turned out to be a minute quantity of spit and a tiny hairball, but you really don’t want to hear about that, do you? With the disaster averted, or cleaned up, I went down to make coffee and fix some breakfast. While watching the morning sunlight brighten out back yard I put in a CD of sixties music I’d made years ago. Arthur soon came downstairs and said “this music is cool” or something like that. I told him this is what I listened to on the radio when I was his age or a wee bit older. Fiona came in and I soon found myself singing and dancing.

Then Stephanie came down and we ate. While she was looking something up on the internet, I had a wondrous experience.  As I’d been listening to the soundtrack of my youth I was slowly being pulled back in time to sunny Saturdays long ago. And when ‘Windy’ by The Association began to play, that eleven year old me and 53-year-old me suddenly became one! The happy-go-lucky sound of 1967 and those lovely harmonies transported me to a moment when I was riding in the car with my mother down West Avenue in Rochester on a sunny Saturday in the springtime so long ago. Just a brief moment frozen in time. I don’t know where we were going, but it wasn’t long ago. That snippet of a memory became so vivid that I was him and he was me simultaneously! And the essence of “the sixties” and the pure joy of my childhood filled me with a flood of emotions. I felt the bliss of being that carefree eleven-year old boy, and also the loss of my parents and a world that no longer exists all wrapped into one intense out-of-time instant of Transcendence! Zowie!!!

I love it when that happens. Isn’t music incredible! A vehicle that allows us to connect so intimately with our memories, conscious and unconscious. But I guess anything can trigger those kinds of awareness. A certain smell, the echo of spring peepers or the whistle of a train in the distance, the colors of sunset, the angle of sunlight on grass in the spring, the taste of a favorite food; anything! But even though that world of childhood memory is no longer apparent, it feels like it still exists, if only in our memory. And maybe after all of us who remember those past worlds are gone, they still exist in dimensions beyond our perception. Who knows?

I just know it’s great to be alive on a morning in spring! Even more so when you’re around people you love.

Now on to Part Two of this morning’s post.

I love Craigslist. Last week I sold a dresser and a bicycle on craigslist and we found a nice little desk for Stephanie all in the same day. I’d been looking around for a really cheap computer to use upstairs in the back room (which I have come to call “The Sanctum”) off our new bedroom. Just something I can use to write where it’s quiet and cozy, and also use to listen to my music collection and internet radio. Though I considered craigslist, I decided to check out Computers Etc., a nice store in Brockport that sells used and refurbished computer equipment. It’s actually the retail outlet for Sunnking, which has a huge warehouse near Brockport where they recycle all kinds of electronic equipment from all over the place.

So I went there and found a really decent HP Compaq office computer about 3 or 4 years old with two Pentium 4 – 3.6 Mhz. processors for 200 bucks. Not a bad deal, I thought. And it came with 2 GB of RAM!

This, dear friends, is my obsession. Even though we have 2 desktop computers and a laptop downstairs, I still NEEDED another computer. But the kids need a computer, and the laptop is very convenient for a music server in the kitchen, and for $200 I couldn’t past it up! Could I?! Well, an extra $5 for a keyboard and $49 for a wifi adapter, but now I’m good to go. I’m typing this in the privacy of The Sanctum while listening to RadioParadise.com. Life is good!

I do have a bit of an obsession, I’ll admit it. I love Linux and I have great fun trying out different operating systems. So I’ve spent several days playing with and installing a couple different distros on this computer. But I seem to come back to Linux Mint in the end.  It’s just so familiar and easy to use and everything works dandy. So hopefully my obsession has been appeased for now and I can get on with actually using this computer for what I got it for: to write more!

Hey, I found a simple little application for listening to streaming radio on Linux.  Check it out in the Links below.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the day!

Radio Tray

The Association – Windy (poor quality youtube video)

Sunnking/Computers Etc.

Linux Mint 8: Polished, Professional and Nearly Perfect

Open Source, Open World

The Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

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