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Impressions of a Spring Morning: Easter Sunday

I’ve been sitting outside this morning on the stone wall beside the patio. This is the most perfectly glorious spring morning one could ever imagine. From the moment I opened the upstairs window overlooking the back yard to take in the cool, life-scented air and golden sunlight, I have been mesmerized! A thousand memories of springtime and Easters flooded me with immense joy. Precious memories of walking to church all dressed up with my parents on Easter Sunday when I was Arthur’s tender age. Sensations of so many April mornings stirring around in this brain.

Then I came downstairs and the kids searched for their Easter baskets and we made pancakes and turkey bacon and Arthur and I played ball outside with Max (the dog).

And then Arthur went inside and I’ve been sitting here taking everything in. And there is SO MUCH to take in!

More vibrant variations of sunlit green than seems possible to the human eye. And the yellows of daffodils and blue morning sky and brown rich earth. Sounds of dozens of different birds from every direction; robins and cardinals, blue jays and sparrows, morning doves and starlings and the cawing of a crow, all flitting high and low,  looking for food or busily building their nests. The bell from the church and the voices of happily chatting people floating across the parking lot beyond the trees, the sounds of a car over on Lake Street and a distant motorcycle on a country road, the breeze tinkling the wind chimes on the arbor where the wisteria is just beginning to bud. The scent of daffodils like subtle perfume. And I think I can actually smell the new hyacinth blossoms from way around the side of the house! And wild violets from the big garden, and grass! The feeling of warm sun on my face and the cool, delicious air is intoxicating! My senses expand to take in everything!

The essence of Springtime and Easter combines with my sensation of being One with the Absolute; God, Nature, The Great Mother, Brahman, whatever you want to call It. It’s all about the continuous cycle of dying and rebirth, that spirit that infuses and animates all life. Jack in the Green. Osiris. Adonis. Christ. The symbols and sensations of divinity are forever at the root of us, going back further than consciousness. And the stories we come up with to explain and express It all are amazing! In contrast my own mortality seems a paltry thing compared to the vastness and mystery of Life.

Well, I see it’s after noon already! We’ve got to get out for a hike.

The New Yorker: Peeps, Mortality and Lewis Carroll

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