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The Return of Doctor Who

OK, I was going to write about Linux today, but that will have to wait till next time. Right now there is something more pressing on my mind.

Last Saturday the fifth series of the new Doctor Who television show premiered in Great Britain, and I am fortunate enough to have just finished watching that episode, along with my son. For those of you not familiar with ‘The Doctor’, please check here.

The new season features a new actor, Matt Smith, in the role of ‘The Doctor’ in his eleventh regeneration. And after having just finished the episode, all I have to say is “THE DOCTOR IS BACK!”

For the past four seasons David Tennant did an excellent job portraying the iconic Time Lord, and his Doctor has become wildly popular. When I saw that Matt Smith was to replace him, I was a bit skeptical. He’s incredibly young at 26, and my first impression was that he wasn’t my idea of what the last of the Time Lords should look like. A bit too daft and geeky, perhaps? And the bow tie? But after watching this first installment (actually, after the first 60 seconds) I knew this young whipper-snapper has what it takes! The new ‘Doctor Who’ is utterly fantastic!

Matt Smith incorporates much of the old “timey-wimey” wackiness, the intense ferocity, the brilliance and humor and adventurous zest that was the previous Doctor, and he does it with such charisma – mixing that child-like exuberance with the dark edge of ‘The Mad God’ we’ve come to love in Tennant’s Doctor. As usual the episode unfolds at breakneck pace, introducing us to the newly regenerated Doctor (and TARDIS) and to the girl who will become his new traveling Companion in time and space, Amy Pond.  I can’t give anything away  about how the story unfolds, but as usual The Doctor must save the world from imminent destruction (I wish that didn’t happen so often, but for the big kickoff I suppose it was appropriate). This new Doctor, after overcoming the disorienting effects of his regeneration, is a dynamo of energy and intellect. And Amy Pond looks like she will be a fitting companion, nearly as bold and fearless and self-confident as The Doctor himself. I absolutely loved this show from beginning to end! It was thrilling, witty and funny as hell! And the previews for future episodes look incredible. I must say, I actually had tears in my eyes at the end!

I think Steven Moffat (who has taken over the reins of the show from Russell T. Davies) did a good job writing this episode, combining elements we loved about past shows with a fresh cast and a fresh look at future possibilities.  This installment embodied everything that ‘Doctor Who’ has come to represent over the 47 years since it began.

I can’t wait to enjoy the new ride!


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