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A Plethora of Links…

As flowers and leaves and life blossom around us, I’ve been too preoccupied outdoors lately to write about any one particular subject, though many things have caught my interest. I do take a few moments each day to check out those magical internets for tidbits of the entertaining and informative or bizarre or downright horrific stories of our modern world. (Thanks, digg.com). So today I’ve rounded up a plethora of links for your inspection. (For some reason I thought I just saw Rod Serling out of the corner of my eye)!

First up on our stream of consciousness perusal of internet offerings is a fun website I was introduced to by some friends last night. It’s called Sporcle, and it’s a site that features thousands of  mentally stimulating quizzes and games, some professionally made and many contributed by  members of the site. These quizzes cover many subjects like  geography, education, science, sports, movies, literature, religion, music, etc. I’ve just superficially checked this website out so far, but it looks like a fabulous way to test your knowledge and have fun on the internet. My friends said it’s quite addicting, and loads of fun. Check it out: http://www.sporcle.com/

Next up under the category of Entertainment is one my favorite mentally stimulating, existential, pseudo Sci-Fi TV series, LOST. We’re coming up to the final few episodes, and the anticipation of seeing how the writers can wrap up this multidimensional melange of Good vs. Evil (or is that really what’s going on?) is driving me crazy, but in a good sort of way. If you have a ridiculous amount of time to kill, Hulu has available the first 5 seasons of Lost on it’s website for viewing. And you can also see the latest few episodes leading up to the cosmic conclusion, all right here at: http://www.hulu.com/lost

For more Entertainment, I found this really nice article that gives a brilliant overview of my favorite British Sci-Fi series, Doctor Who. It’s called Everything You Need To know About Doctor Who. Enough said!

Moving on to Music; There is a local entertainer named Miche (pronounced Mee-shay) Fambro from Geneseo who has been around the Rochester music scene since the eighties. I heard an interview with Miche on Scott Regan’s show on WRUR a few months back. He’s an interesting guy with a marvelous voice and a diverse, unclassifiable style. Here’s a link to an interview from City Newspaper. He’s even been doing his own variety show at the little Theater Cafe that is a riot! Here’s a link to some Youtube videos of the show: Miche Fambro/Youtube.

Going back to my previous post of favorite Linux distributions; I completely forgot to mention maybe one of the best all-around Linux based operating systems for beginners and more experienced computer users alike. And that would be PCLinuxOS. This distro was based on Mandriva Linux, but has really gone off on it’s own combining different elements of other distros to create something really attractive, diverse, full-featured and easy to use. And it comes in many different flavors! Here is the home website: PCLinuxOS.com. And this is a link to a great review of the newest release: PCLinuxOS Review. If you want to try out a totally FREE, beautiful operating system that ‘just works’, check it out.

My friend Ky recently mentioned to me how downright cheerful all my last several blog posts have been! So here is a story that is quite depressing, but sums up a lot of why America has lost so many jobs to China. It ain’t pretty, but I think it’s something we should all be aware of. Inside The Chinese Factory That Makes Microsoft Products.

And here’s an article from Time Magazine on the cost of Factory Farming that is about the environment as well as the living conditions of a big part of our diets. Another thing that I think we should at least be conscious of: The Problem with Factory Farms.

One more to add that I discovered on a friend’s Facebook page. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Imagine If The Tea Party Was Black.

Now to end on a lighter note, I found this amazing website that features some of the most exquisite photography I’ve ever seen from around the world! Just take a look: Pixdaus

And… who can resist 10 Simple Google Search Tips!

That’s it for now. Not quite a plethora, I suppose, but enough to keep one busy on a rainy day.

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