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A Few More Links…

OK, since I sometimes don’t have the time to expound in full on topics that are really important to me, here’s a link to a post by someone who did.

This is one Stephanie found on our friend’s facebook page. It nicely sums up so many things that have baffled me about this ‘tea party’ thing that I have to post the link:

Christian Struzan’s Photos – Wall Photos

While we’re at it, let’s move on to the computer world, specifically Linux: Today the official release of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) will be available for download. And very soon my favorite distro, Linux Mint 9, should be released (which is based on Ubuntu 10.04). Look HERE for Ubuntu info. And HERE for Linux Mint. Also, here are some articles that might be of interest to the Linux-curious:

7 Things That Are Easier To Do In Ubuntu Than In Windows

Why Ubuntu Excites Me More Than Windows or Macintosh

Ubuntu Manual Project (Download user manual for Ubuntu 10.04)

Open Source/Open World

And one more from the world of science:

Is Stephen Hawking Right About Aliens?

That’s it for now.

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