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More Doctor Who, Fringe and Lost…

So the first two weeks of May have flown by. To recap: I had a wonderful birthday, have been enjoying the outdoors and our deliciously drawn-out unfolding of Spring. Then lots of cold and rain. Now back to beautiful sunshine again! And wow! Everything’s growing like crazy.

Right now I just want to share a couple of links to articles about “Doctor Who” and “Fringe” from the website io9.com. The last Doctor Who, “Vampires of Venice” had me a little cheesed. The Doctor seems to be getting awfully pissy and arrogant. But the following article says it all. (Majors spoilers, though, for those who haven’t seen it yet). And I just love Fringe more every week! I’m going to miss these characters terribly until the next season begins.

So here you go:

What’s Really Going On This Year On Doctor Who?

Fringe Is Becoming The Show That Lost Wishes It Could Be

Don’t even get me going about “Lost” right now. I’m still a little dizzy from the Jacob and Brother in Black story “Across The Sea” from last week. Some of it was kinda cool, and much of it left me feeling like “What the heck?!” When did this take place? Were those original Others Minoan? Was the brother’s “foster mom” some kind of major sorceress? The cup of immortality? Cave of Light? What were they going to do with that Donkey Wheel? And where the hell was the statue?!

Here’s an article from today’s NY Times: The Men Who Made ABC’s “Lost” Last

If this story makes any sense by the two and a half hour finale on May 23rd, I will be quite amazed! Can’t wait to see how this wild ride ends!


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