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The End of “Lost”

After six confusing years, the soap opera/fantasy/philosophical head trip that is “Lost” has finally ended. I finally have my life back! And I can get on with enjoying the summer. But I must admit that Tuesday nights will be a bit emptier from now on.

I certainly have mixed feelings about the ‘conclusion’ of Lost. While I loved seeing the awakening of our beloved characters to their true selves in the sideways universe, and the final battle between Jack and the Locke Monster; the end of this show was as confusing as the last six seasons! I was starting to hope that the Island world was some kind of illusion or mass dream, just because so much of what’s happened there has made no sense. But it seems like all the island wackiness was real, as opposed to the sideways limbo world the characters created to bring themselves together in the afterlife. And we viewers are left with a hundred (at least!) plot threads that will never be answered or resolved. That really pisses me off!

Anyway… I don’t have any energy left at the moment to expound on my thoughts about the show. It certainly was a wild and entertaining ride! And I loved the characters and the theories and the philosophical ideas the show brought up. But ultimately I feel like we were strung along for six years without any intention of a satisfying intellectual conclusion. But it was certainly an emotionally satisfying conclusion in many ways. Still, I feel gypped! We don’t even know who built that damned four-toed statue! Or who made up all the rules, anyway! Or who the heck was Eloise Hawking?! Or Mother? And what was all that about WALT?!

As usual, others have expressed more eloquently than I many of my own feelings about Lost. Here are a few:


Lost Finale Explained Well


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