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It seems that over the past four weeks I’ve forgotten about this blog!

The Summer Solstice has come and gone this week. My time has been filled with kid activities, baseball, swimming, working on a couple of new cement sculptures, and generally basking in the green luscious air of summer. And watching as the fifth series of the new Doctor Who TV show comes to a conclusion this Saturday in the UK. But I must expound more on the fate of the Doctor and Amy in another post next week. This new season of Who has been fantastic fun!

At the moment we’ve just come back from seeing a matinée of Toy Story 3 at the theater. It was wonderful! They’ve  just done a great job all around with this series, and this last film was a fitting way to end the story. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t find myself struggling a bit to keep from tearing up at the end. Toy Story just has a way of connecting to those inner child emotions in a real and non-saccharine way.

But I’d like to talk about a couple of other things that come to mind at the moment. First is my daughter Fiona’s amazing and beautiful methods of self-expression. Lately she has been really getting into her singing. She makes up the most lovely little songs off the top of her head! When she’s riding in the car, or out in the back yard, or the other day riding her bike with me jogging along behind her, she just bursts into song with stream-of-consciousness lyrics about whatever she is doing and feeling; I wish I could have written down some of them. And her range of vocalization is amazing for a four-year-old! One line I do remember is something like; “The beautiful sun is shining down, We have everything we need.” God, I loved that!

The other thing is baseball. Arthur and Fiona both have baseball gloves and they’ve started playing with a bunch of home schoolers at a nearby park. I also bought a glove last week, and I’m a little amazed at the memories that come back to me. When I was a lad in Rochester in the sixties the neighborhood kids would get together into ragtag teams to play ball over by the oil tanks near the canal. There were dikes around the big oil tanks and inside this boundary we made a baseball diamond. It was fun, but that was over forty years ago and I never got into baseball as an adult. But all of a sudden the old familiar smell of leather and the satisfying smack of the ball hitting the glove takes me right back to being a carefree ten-year-old again. It’s incredible! But at 54 I now want to play baseball more that I ever did before! Go figure!!

Well, almost an hour has gone by and now I need to make some dinner. See ya soon!

Here’s a link to a video Stephanie posted on Facebook of our daughter singing an old favorite.

Check it Out!

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