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Bad Daddy: Addendum

After wondering about all those food colorings in Little Debbie’s from my last post, I stumbled upon this article: Death by M&M: The Problem with Food Dyes

What’s up with all the cancerous chemicals in our food, anyway?! Why do manufacturers think Americans desire technicolor junk food, and why does it seem that the American Food and Drug Administration does absolutely nothing to protect us from this garbage? We all know many people who have died from some form of cancer, and yet our corporations are continually poisoning our water and earth and air and food supply for financial profit. We’re destroying the world’s oceans, for God’s sake! Lead in children’s toys! BP (need I say more)?

Eventually those profits will evaporate when we kill ourselves off! Are so many people that short-sighted? Human beings make no sense to me!!

That’s my rant for today. Boy, it sure is hot out this week, ain’t it?

A couple more links to scare the crap out of you:

Dangers of Prolonged Mobile Cell Phone Use

Largest cellphone-cancer study to date clarifies little

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