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Entertainment News Brief…

A few entertainment links to share (’cause y’all know how much I love entertainment)!

My favorite television series, besides the new Doctor Who, is Fringe. Summer is a great time to catch up on seasons One and Two of this remarkable series (especially if you have Netflix) in preparation for the new season that starts in September.

Now my wife, who is fairly open-minded and imaginative and LOVES Doctor Who, unfortunately has not shared my enthusiasm for this highly imaginative show.  And it came about because the only time she happened to look in on an episode I was watching was when something decidedly horrific and bizarre was taking place. To be honest, many Fringe episodes have dealt with some weird and bizarre ‘incidents’, especially in Season One. (It’s sort of like X-Files in a way, but it makes way more sense)! But that’s really part of the charm of this show for me. You never know what you’re going to see!  Fringe is a complex creation; part horror, part science fiction (a BIG part as the series has progressed), and part character study. In fact my favorite thing about Fringe is the characters. They are incredibly interesting, mysterious, quirky and down-right lovable in many different ways! I’ve written about the character of Walter Bishop here before. I just saw on some television website that he is considered one of the top ten best TV show characters of all time, and I definitely concur with that! But all the major personalities on this show are wonderfully portrayed. And as the show progresses and the larger over-arching storyline has played out, the depth and humanity of Olivia and Peter and Astrid, Nina Sharp and even Agent/Colonel Broyles has been really fun to watch. Not to mention you get Leonard Nimoy, an alternate universe, interdimensional cyborgs, and the most mysterious Observers who nobody understands at all yet! How can you go wrong? Check these out:

Fringe: The Many Dimensions Of Dr. Walter Bishop

Fringe Television Fan Website

Moving on… I just saw this article about a Dark Shadows movie being made by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as everyone’s favorite vampire, Barnabas Collins!! Well, everybody over 50, that is. When I was a kid I loved this show! Watched it with my mom every weekday afternoon at 4 o’clock. I think Johnny Depp will make a fabulous Barnabas! They just better not screw it up! Here’s a link:

Dark Shadows Movie

And one more addition to make. Right now I’m reading a great science fiction novel by Jack McDevitt called The Engines of God. One of his early books. It’s a good old-fashioned science fiction story in the vein of Arthur C. Clarke, but very contemporary in perspective.  I like the writing style and characters and the story is mysterious and compelling. More summer reading suggestions to come.

OK, that’s it for now. We must get outside to enjoy this wonderful and less humid weather!

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