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Last Sunday Stephanie and I went to see Inception. After we came out of the theater I felt like I’d just ingested some particularly fine hallucinogenic mushrooms! I thought it was incredibly awesome, highly imaginative and only slightly confusing. And mighty damn intense! I think I managed to stay with the story of dreams within dreams within dreams, but it’s the kind of film I really need to see again. Some things went over my head, or I couldn’t quite understand/hear parts of the dialogue (especially the character of Saito).  And the ending is so wonderfully obtuse, it leaves me wondering if there’s a sequel in the future. But this was overall an incredible experience and a mind-blowing example of what movie-making is all about!

I will leave you with a few links to mull over (only if you’ve seen the film. Most contain spoilers)!

Inception will thrill you, then change the way you watch movies

Dissecting ‘Inception’: Six Interpretations and Five Plot Holes

Inception: Reviews and Commentary by IASD Dream Experts

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  1. tlparadis
    • July 28, 2010 at 8:07 am

      Holy crap, Tracy! This article is brilliant! I’ve been coming to this conclusion myself, because so much of what happened when they were supposedly awake seemed so unreal. Everyone who saw the movie should read this article!

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