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Linux Follow-Up…

So after talking about the two Linux distros I mentioned in the previous entry, I popped in the Pinguy OS CD again and tried it out some more. And I liked it so much I decided to walk on the wild side and install it to my experimental computer’s hard drive. Everything went like a charm, (I had backed up all my vital data and settings to an external HD, of course), and in half an hour I had a beautiful and very functional new operating system. And the more I played with it, the more I loved it!

The next day, last night, actually, I was so enamoured with Pinguy OS that I installed it on our main computer, wiping out the Linux Mint installation we’ve been using for quite some time. I’m very fond of Mint, but over the last few weeks several things have been giving me problems on the main desktop computer (unlike the box upstairs). I’ve had trouble with USB thumb drives auto-mounting, then my printer stopped working right, and a few other small but irritating little quirks kept popping up, and I haven’t been able to find an answer on the forums. So I said “what the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose!”

This is the benefit of having a laptop a friend generously gave me, and a used $200 HP computer I bought last spring. After all this experimentation, backing up old data and installing a new Linux distro has become a breeze!

The installation went swimmingly. I set up a separate user account for Stephanie and transferred our data to the New Pinguy OS and I’ve been playing around off and on today with what looks and feels like a new computer. For me, this is the joy of Linux! The fun of getting to know my way around an operating system in my semi-geeky way. I’ve definitely decided I want to do the least amount of ‘work’ using a computer, and for the money ( like, none; Linux is FREE), Pinguy OS looks pretty darn nice! Everything is working better than ever. I’ve mounted USB devices, played music, burned a CD, watched some videos, and I’m looking forward to the coming days and months of computing bliss.

Distro Hoppin’: Pinguy OS

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