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Glad That’s Over…

Yesterday I had my first colonoscopy. And despite my apprehension, it was a breeze! My friend Ky drove me to the Doctor’s office at 8:00 am and by 9:30 or so I was done. Actually I don’t remember the procedure. The nurses got me all set up with an IV and explained what would happen, (I was starting to feel a bit nervous, I must say) then they wheeled me in to a small operating room where I met the Doctor. I rolled onto my side with a nice comfy pillow under my head. The nurse said they’d start the IV with the anesthesia and told me I might feel a little dizzy and get sleepy. I felt very relaxed… started thinking ‘this isn’t so bad’ and the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room! And then Ky came in.

Like Burt Reynolds said in the last part of Deliverance, “What happened on that last set of rapids? I don’t remember nothing. Nothing“.

It didn’t feel like they’d done anything. In fact, I felt pretty damn good! A little dizzy, but really good! They told me some people remain conscious during the procedure, depending on how each individual reacts to the sedatives. But I guess because I’d never had an operation, the medication had a pretty good impact on me. I wouldn’t even mind doing that again!

After a little chat with the doctor and a glimpse of some pictures of the inside of my colon, Ky and I were off for a bit of breakfast. Man, did that taste nice! And then I was back home again.

So that’s the end of my colonoscopy saga. If you’re over fifty, it’s probably a good thing to get done.


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Now it’s time to get on to other things…

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