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Autumn Bliss

Wow! What a day this is! Today has been the epitome of a perfect autumn day.

I’ve just been sitting on the stone bench in the main garden in our back yard, under cherry trees that are slowly raining yellow-orange leaves, beside the fading green of the wisteria, listening to my children playing in a giant leaf pile on the other side of the fence while Stephanie rakes more leaves. The late afternoon sunlight seems to shine right through the yellow leaves of our huge Norway maple, each leaf with its own blazing aura against the dark green shadows beyond and the deep blue sky. The breeze is perfectly refreshing, warm enough for short sleeves and intensely scented of damp leaves and grass. Everything I see is incredibly, perfectly beautiful!

Earlier I mowed the back yard, leaves and all, and then raked the chopped up leaves onto a tarp to dump into the mulch pile in the vegetable garden. I wish I’d started doing this a long time ago! Usually I rake all the leaves (which is a considerable amount) and dump them unchopped before mowing the grass. This will work much better. They take up a lot less space and will decompose a lot quicker next spring. Arthur helped me rake up piles, but after a while he went to the side yard with his sister to rake a mammoth leaf pile to jump in. He knows what’s important. They’ve been having a glorious time.

Then Stephanie came home early, about 4:00, and I’ve had twenty minutes or so to relax back here and listen to the sounds of merriment and raking. I am overwhelmed at the moment by my autumnal euphoria, igniting deeply held memories of innumerable lovely autumns going back into childhood. Creating a sense of timelessness. The world of my senses is like a living painting; a mystical work of art, only who is the artist? Sunlight and cycles and seasons of life and of death coming round and round again. A flock of geese just sailed overhead.

Man, it’s good to feel this alive!

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