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All Hallows Eve


A poem I wrote about three years ago…


A cold wind has blown the clouds away.

Black sky, diamond stars peer down,

throbbing pumpkin eyes and mouths

dot the porches of the streets.


Flowing figures near and far

made their rounds in lamplight shadows

as we skipped through drifting leaves,

inhaled the sweet, moist scent of summer’s end.


Now the night grows late and still,

tilting half-moon face rises in the east,

looks down on this frosty Samhain night.

Looks down to say farewell

to flowering meadows, locust song

and warm breezes

as she sadly greets the coming winter.


On this hallowed eve of All Souls Day,

on the edge of the smoky veil

between sunshine and darkness,

between one world and the next,

we remember those who have gone before us,

not with fear, as in ages past,

but with the fond memories

of summer’s soft embrace.


Melancholy moon looks down

as Orion’s reign begins.

“As all things pass away” she whispers

“So all things shall return”.


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