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Little to say, lots to watch

I just realized today that I haven’t had much to say since our dog Tessa died.  We had a really nice funeral for her, with friends and neighbors in attendance. And the following day I made a little shrine of concrete and rocks on top of the grave, just like I did for Dempsey almost eight and a half years ago. Stephanie is right; we’ll never be able to leave this house with all the pets buried on the property! Maybe I’ll end up planted back there eventually. That would actually be nice, if it were legal!

Max, our other dog, has been kind of depressed since Tessa’s passing. But I think he’s slowly getting used to being the only dog around here. Life goes on.

We took the kids to see the SUNY Geneseo Orchestra and Chorus perform some Beethoven this past Sunday. Our friend Tracy was singing in the chorus. It was great! And I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up and seeing relatives and friends, and all the wonderful FOOD! Thanks to Amazon.com we’ve got a lot of our Christmas shopping taken care of already.

So… I don’t have any thought-provoking discourse to expound upon today. But I can always fall back on entertainment news! This time of year, with winter closing in, I find myself watching more TV shows and reading more. In fact, maybe I should just call this blog ‘Dave’s TV, Movie and Book Links’ from now on. Well……. maybe not! But I have stumbled upon some cool news about a few favorite science-fiction shows that I’d like to share. Starting with a little trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol.

I found some information about the new Torchwood series that will start next June right here: Torchwood: What to Expect from The New World.

And yet another spinoff series from Doctor Who has episodes you can watch on the Planet Gallifrey website. It’s right here: Watch The Sarah Jane Adventures: Season 4.

Then there’s this trailer for a new movie coming out soon that looks like tons of fun! It stars Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Harrison Ford: Cowboys and Aliens Trailer.

And here’s a nice tribute to one of my favorite film actors: Actors We Miss: Walter Matthau.

That’s all for today. I’m also reading a novel by Terry Pratchett that is quite delightful, but I’ll have to mention that next post. For some reason WordPress just started acting wonky on me and I’ve lost a bunch of words and links. I’m done!

One last link: Helping Your ‘Good Old Dog’ Navigate Aging

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