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Thoughts on a snowy night

I just came downstairs for a spot of mint tea before going to bed.

I laid down with Fiona tonight until she went to sleep, while Mama put Arthur to bed. Most nights Stephanie goes to sleep with Fiona, but this evening we switched. Even though my son is eight, he likes to have his mom put him to bed now and then. It’s such a nice time for a bit of quiet talk before drifting off to dreamland. And I really enjoyed laying down with my little girl tonight.

She has become such an interesting person even at the tender age of five! I was quite sleepy after we all did some reading in our big bed before retiring to the kid’s rooms. So I lay there with my eyes closed all snuggly under a Tinkerbell comforter and several special soft blankets. Earlier today Fiona and I had discussed odd and even numbers, after I had to cut her sandwich (as usual) into five pieces, because she is five years old, of course. She informed me that when she’s six I won’t have to cut them into the same number of pieces as her age any more. Two will do. Much to my relief! I was afraid in a few years we’d have to start buying much larger loaves of bread if this kept up!

So anyway, we’d talked about the concept of odd and even numbers, which she picked up quickly. Tonight under the blankets she regaled me again with her knowledge that four was an even number, five and seven were odd, and  so forth. When I opened my eyes to see that wide-eyed little face so close to mine, it’s hard not to engage in the conversation.

I told her we should start working together to learn more about numbers, adding and subtracting like her brother does, since she is five years old. She thought that was a good idea. Then she told me when she has children she can teach them about numbers, too, and lots of other stuff. (She’s already decided that when she grows up she’ll have five girls and one boy). And I said that sounded like a fine idea. We talked a little more about when Mama falls asleep before her, that she sometimes snores. And I said Mama tells me I snore sometimes, too. Fiona said she never snores, and neither does Arthur. I imagine she’s right.

She gave me Bunny to snuggle with and to help her get warm, just like she has Pinkerella, a very small stuffed pink poodle, to snuggle with. And pretty soon I closed my eyes again and it was quiet for a long time. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw the tiny face of a sleeping angel with slightly open mouth (but no snoring!) in the dim glow of the nightlight. I just had to stare at it for several minutes, with that fringe of fine hair almost in her eyes, before slowly crawling out of bed. Burning it into that special level of memory, as I have with her brother many times, to savor and cherish some day nearer the end of my life. One among many little treasures of moments out of time…

And here I am, finished with my tea. Almost an hour has slipped away. I just looked out the window at the snowflakes swirling lazily around in the glow of the street light. The hazy softness of the snow is incredibly beautiful! We must have nine or ten inches on the ground. It looks like a dream. Tonight life feels like a dream. And perhaps it is.

I’m looking forward to Christmas!


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