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Happy Winter Solstice

I Just wanted to wish anyone who sees this a Happy Winter Solstice on this longest night of the year.

Last night I missed the full lunar eclipse, since it took place about 3:00 am. And by then it was cloudy here once more. But about midnight, just before going to bed, I looked outside at the huge, very bright full moon that rode high in the sky. Our snowy back yard was bathed in a particularly bluish light. And man, it was cold! And still. I was very glad to come back in to the warm colored glow of the Christmas tree.

So after this silent night the Sun god is born anew to begin his long journey back toward summer. Let us celebrate Sol Invictus! The victorious Sun, or Son, depending on your religious inclinations. For me the sentiment is the same, whether Adonis, Attis, Mithra or Christ; or by a hundred other names down the long millenia. The Light is ever born anew.

Good night!

Winter Solstice

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