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Philosophical Musings in the early morning hours

Well, it’s happened again. I was sleeping quite comfortably snug in my warm bed, while outside it was 10 degrees and snow is falling. I was dreaming something pleasant and vaguely interesting, but already I’ve forgotten it. Anyway, it was just so wonderful to be sleeping soundly, after having a miserable fever for the past three days. And then, sometime around 5 AM, I slowly drifted up from slumber, basking in my contentment and warmth, and my brain Awoke. Thoughts started flowing so effortlessly through it, (into it, from it?) that I just lay there in my cocoon and listened to all the things my thoughts had to say.

It is a profoundly pleasant feeling when the brain first ‘awakens’, to just lay back and let this mesmerizing human consciousness do its thing, relatively unhindered by the constraints of the everyday rational robot-brain. If only I could automatically record those thoughts as they follow their course. They are so easy, articulate, insightful; so unashamed of where they come from and unafraid of where they will go. I know they’re my thoughts, but I’m also just delighted to listen to what they have to say. And I never know what they will say or where they will take me.

Of course once my body is awake enough to realize this is some pretty profound and marvelous stuff, and I drag myself from bed and come down and awaken the computer (oh crap, there’s some new e-mails, should I look at them now? What’s the weather forecast?!) and open a word processor, or in my case this blog, that precious uncensored flow of thought is already a thing of the past. Damn, that was a long sentence, too! So, a couple of things this teaches us (me) are that thinking is relatively easy when we’re not distracted. Of course, our modern world is purposefully designed to be one BIG distraction. And the reasons for that are the stuff of contemplation at another time. And; one thought leads to another and another. I just need to start somewhere.

I just realized it’s been about one year since I started writing this blog. Wow! I need to go back and check that first post out again. But I think the main reason was just to make myself write; something; anything, just to see where I would go. And what my mind was naturally interested in writing about. And as I look back, a lot of what I write about here is pretty mundane shit! A lot about entertainment; TV shows, movies, sometimes books (Oh! I’ve got a great one I just started reading. I’ll have to tell you about it later!), computers. Not that there’s anything wrong with entertainment, or computers! But man, it’s so easy to fall back on watching other people’s thoughts and stories! To marvel at the creativity of others (if we’re lucky). It’s definitely easier to consume than to create. But we are all creative beings. If you can relax for a while, if you can quiet the mind, your consciousness is full of amazing shit!! God, The Universe and Everything! I mean, how often do we stop and think about how literally awesome the human brain is? There’s nothing like it that we know of. And how weird would it be if we are the only ones who can know how awesome it is?! I hope that’s not the case. But I’m digressing.

We have these incredible brains that are capable of who really knows what, yet we spend most of our precious time on this Earth watching ‘Reality’ TV, or worrying about what we don’t have and how we can get it, or being afraid, and on and on. I know, I know, I’m just ranting now. This post has pretty much diverged from what I first intended. But I know I waste too much of my precious time on things that aren’t so important. Hell, we’re only alive until we’re not! I need to create more. Do more art. More writing.

And I had a bunch of great ideas about writing in those wee hours this morning, but now it’s already 8 o’clock! And some of those ideas came from the TV show ‘Fringe‘. How ironic! But I guess everything has its purpose; everything feeds the brain, if we can just be a little selective, for God’s sake! I think I need to stop now.


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