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My Daughter, the songwriter

Geese flew over this morning while I was walking to the bakery on a pastry run (raspberry turnovers, yum!). The sky was gray and it was chilly, but there’s hope Spring may yet arrive. Yesterday was brilliantly sunny, but now it’s raining. Rain is good. At least it means the temperature is rising!

Last night before going to bed my 5-year-old daughter began singing, as she frequently does. We were in her bedroom and she stood on her bed in her Princess nightgown and she began singing. Apparently she was inspired by a song she heard on the radio, by someone I can’t remember. Every line began with “Did you ever feel…” and then Fiona went into her stream-of-consciousness thing, adding whatever lyrics popped into her adorable head. And it was incredible! I was mesmerized as she belted out line after line, her voice rising and falling so rhythmically, the sweet inflections of that young voice like the chanting of an angel.

It went on for many minutes. And as I listened my body began slowly swaying to the tempo, just listening, as I flowed into a timeless, trance-like state. I forgot about everything else. It was truly amazing! And Fiona herself was carried along by the flow and power of her own awesome voice as she wove this magical spell within the space of her room. I think it lasted about fifteen minutes or so. And then she was done. Time unfroze.

But while she was singing I noticed some paper and a brown colored pencil and I started trying to write some of the words that came effortlessly out of her brain. I’m afraid I was only able to jot down a pitiful few words out of the stream of what I heard. The darn pencil was dull and I had to press hard to make an impression! But here’s what I managed to retain:

Did you ever feel… that you’re the first person to know you can be
whatever you want to be; a singer, an artist, a dancer, an astronaut, a teacher,
a scientist?

Did you ever feel… that you’re the best of everyone, that you can love everybody?

Did you ever feel… that you’re the most beautiful person in the world, like you’re
the first person to become a butterfly?

Did you ever feel… that you’re the first person to escape this business in New York,
that after one o’clock the whole world will shimmer?

Did you ever feel… like you’re the sun, to laugh and run and dance and sing
and no one can take that away from us?

Did you ever feel… that this is the day; you can be whatever you want to be
and together we can take over the world?

One of these times I need to record that little girl! We’ve made a few recordings with the computer in the past, but what I heard last night was absolutely amazing. That’s it for now. I’ll end with a quote:

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. –Marc Chagall

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