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A potpourri of links

More snow in Western New York. Thank the gods it’s sunny!

For your amusement and delight today I present a few cool links I’ve collected over the past week. So without further adieu, let’s begin with a groovy little two-part Doctor Who adventure from the Comic Relief TV benefit in the UK. This will have to tide us Who fans over until the Easter special premiers next month:

Doctor Who: Comic Relief: ‘Space’ and ‘Time’. And here’s one more link about our favorite doctor: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Doctor Who.

Since it is Spring, according to the calendar, here is a Youtube video of a beautiful song by Martin Donnelly called The Green Man.

Moving on now to a few Linux-related links; Another nice review of Bodhi Linux: Bodhi Linux and the Enlightenment Desktop

Then there’s: Linux in Real Life – Uses Around the World

And a review of another Linux distro that is especially designed for curious Windows converts: Desktop Linux Reviews: Zorin OS 4

And for those who love music in many forms (especially digital): Why You Should Buy (and Sell) Music in FLAC

Going back to entertainment, here is the first official trailer for the new Captain America movie. Then check out this creepy but cool sci-fi web video called Blinky. It’s about an adorable robot. ‘nough said.

Speaking of ‘Creepy but Cool’, I for one haven’t been hearing enough the past week about everyone’s favorite celebrity wacko, Charlie Sheen (poor Charlie).

I’ll wrap it up today with some interesting 3-D art I just stumbled upon (but not with StumbleUpon) called Mysterious Tiny Rooms.

Hope you enjoyed this little diversion. Next time I’ll be talked about adopting a dog, which it looks like we may do doing very soon. We meet the prospective pup on Saturday.

See ya later!

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