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I’m in love… with a dog

Last Saturday we met the three-month-old puppy we saw on the internet and applied to adopt. Her name is Ella. The lady from Going to the Dogs animal rescue brought her to our house to meet us and our other dog Max and Vivien the cat. And I have to say, I am totally in love with this dog.

She has a wonderful personality and a fairly mellow temperament for a pup. She was generous with the licks, but did not bite or nibble once. She is sweet and adorable and reminds me a little of my dog Tuffy when I was a kid. Max really liked her. Once we got them accustomed to each other and got past the but-sniffing formalities, we brought Ella into the house. And the amazing thing is, even the cat (who normally would be hiding when strangers come to visit) came around to check out Ella. And she seemed much more interested than annoyed by her presence!

When we went out in the back yard, Max was bouncing around like a pup himself (he’s over five years old). I haven’t seen him that happy and playful in a while, except when going for a walk or playing tug-of-war with me or Arthur. I love seeing a dog smile!  And of course the kids were in a state of bliss. Fiona named the day ‘Ella Saturday’ from this day forth.

To make a long story short – Ella comes to live with us this Friday. And we can hardly wait!

The people at the animal rescue do a wonderful job. If anyone from this area (they’re in Perry, NY) is looking for a pet I would highly recommend checking out Going to the Dogs.

Coming next… Backing up in Linux.

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  1. April 6, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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    • April 7, 2011 at 3:54 am

      That’s sound advice, and not a bad way to advertise your website. The Kong is the only chew toy we let our dog have while unsupervised. It’s also the only thing our big dog cannot destroy. With other chew toys we keep an eye on them.

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