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The New Pup

Our new dog Ella moved in with us on Friday night. After not quite two days living here we are all (except maybe Vivian the cat) thoroughly enjoying her presence. Vivien has been checking her out, but after Ella got a little too frisky Vivien’s been hiding out more today. Though she seems nicer to our other dog Max, who she’s never been too friendly with. Apparently compared to the puppy, Max is looking much more tolerable!

Ella is incredibly well-behaved for a puppy of barely 4 months of age. She’s been sleeping in her crate in our bedroom at night, and doing fabulously. She very quietly awakens us about 4 or 5 in the morning to go outside, and the rest of the time she sleeps like a log. Of course, during the day she’s been pretty busy playing outside with the kids and exploring her new territory. We’ve all been enjoying the great weather this weekend to get some yard cleaning work done. It’s fifty degrees and sunny with high, thin clouds right now. I was amazed to hear yesterday that New York City and New England has been getting dumped with snow!

That’s all I have to say for the moment. But I have a few entertainment links to share:

Full-Length Trailer for the New Season of Doctor Who

More info on Jon Favreau’s Movie Cowboys and Aliens

Antonio Banderas’ Big Bang trailer exposes us to subatomic particle sex magic

The Amazing Green Lantern Wondercon Footage

Official Hobbit Movie Website

Next time, information on backing up your data in Linux-based operating systems… and probably more puppy pics!

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