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The passing of Elisabeth Sladen, aka Sarah Jane Smith

I just learned this morning that British Actress Elisabeth Sladen died yesterday from cancer.

Elisabeth is most famous for portraying Sarah Jane Smith on the ‘Doctor Who’ television series over many years. She also starred in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures‘ for the past four years on the BBC, a successful and delightful spin-off from ‘Doctor Who’. She is probably the most popular of The Doctor’s Companions since she first joined the Third Doctor in the early 1970s. Famous for her blood-curdling screams when menaced by aliens and monsters, the character of Sarah Jane was also stubborn, inquisitive, quick-witted and equally famous for putting The Doctor(s) in their place when needed. As one article below stated, previous traveling companions on ‘Doctor Who’ were referred to as ‘Assistants’, but the Sarah Jane character was the first to be truly called a ‘Companion’ (well, maybe besides the First Doctor’s niece Susan when the show first aired in the sixties) and she shared adventures with four different incarnations of the centuries-old Time Lord.

Even though I never met Elisabeth Sladen, I still feel like I knew her in a way from her wonderful portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith. And from what I’ve read, she was as warm and wise and inspiring as the television character she immortalized. I’m so glad we got to see more of her over the last few years on ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’. Our kids loved her show, too, and we’re all very saddened to hear of her untimely passing. She was one of those people who just got better with age. She was a truly beautiful person.

My heart is heavy for her family and loved ones. Elisabeth will be missed by millions on this sad little planet that Sarah Jane Smith helped save more times than I can count.

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