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Back to Nature

Solar light riding through the black void of space into atmosphere

high leaves drink that fusion energy down into trunk and root.

Reaching fingers of life-force probe deep beneath ground and rock,

sucking the dark, cool power of earth upward to mingle with that energy from above

to glow and meld in the fleshy pit of my body, my being

rooted to above and below, ebb and flow

chakras ignite with smooth regeneration.

Breathe the cedar air, cool communion of vitality,

recharging, relaxing, amidst the frantic, fragrant dance of life all round.

Dragonflies cavort; Monarchs flutter

moist growth, dappled sunlight, deep water, fawn tracks in silken mud

humid air hums and sings with the sounds of life.

A flowing ballet of luminosity and shadow; this moment is Life itself.

This is All That Is. Bask in it!

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