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Summer’s End

Well, here it is the beginning of Autumn already. The past couple of weeks we’ve had delightful weather overall; coolish, sunny days, a bit of rain here and there. I haven’t felt like writing because we’ve been having too much fun doing things!

Last weekend Stephanie and the kids went off overnight to can tomato sauce and salsa at our friends house, and I got to go to the ‘big city’ of Rochester to see a movie with a friend (‘The Debt’ with Helen Mirren; it was great!). On Saturday I had the whole day for a bicycle adventure along the old railroad trail for many miles, which I never usually have time to do. That was absolute bliss! Then the next day the whole family went hiking at Black Creek Park for a couple of hours. It’s a huge area with lots of wild woods and swamps and miles and miles of trails. It’s been so much fun enjoying this beautiful time of year before the cold winds of winter descend upon Western New York! My son Arthur just joined Cub Scouts this week, too, so we’ll have a camping expedition coming up soon. And more chances for me to relive the joys of my childhood!

This time of year makes me long to do some more landscape painting. Just last week I was driving through the countryside heading back home to pick up the kids from their one afternoon a week at daycare, and the afternoon light and the clouds were so gorgeous it made everything I saw look like a work of art waiting to be captured on canvas. I stopped briefly at a lovely little park outside Byron, New York where there’s a bridge over the creek that leads to a large pond. A chilly breeze was blowing but the sun felt wonderfully warm. The sky was deep blue with dazzling bright mountains of cloud everywhere. The cottonwood and willows made a sound like ocean surf, the silver-green undersides of their leaves shimmering in the wind. I could hear the chirping of insects and birds in the trees. And I just felt so overwhelmed by the power of Life all around me! In these last fleeting days before Autumn it’s like all of Nature rejoices with one last Hurrah! before life turns in upon itself for the fading sleep of Winter. Leaves are turning, geese flying, animals in their frenzy to stock up of nature’s bounty for the dark, cold days to come.

And standing beneath that big, wild sky it felt like I was looking down upon the earth from space; carried up by that sunny wind, filled inside and out by the blue wildness of Life’s essence!

Damn! I love that sensation! And even though Autumn can make us feel a little melancholy at the fading of what was, it can still remind us to enjoy what we’ve got RIGHT NOW in the sensation of this eternal moment. And the knowledge of the eternal cycle that will bring it all back around again.

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