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A couple of online educational resources

I’ve recently discovered a neat website that is very handy for homeschooling; or for anyone who needs writing practice. It’s called ESL Writing Wizard, and it lets you create your own personalized practice writing sheets for printing or cursive, which you can save or print directly from the web browser. Since I tried it out last week our kids have both taken a sudden interest in practicing their cursive handwriting. It’s great! It’s more fun for them since they can create whatever words or sentences they want to practice and then immediately print them.

Another interesting resource I found is called Alison.com. It’s an on-line university of sorts with high school and advanced college courses that is free to use. This site is definitely geared more toward higher education and adult learners; with course offerings covering digital literacy and IT, financial and economic courses, business, health and safety, English language skills and diploma courses. I discovered it through This Article which goes into more detail about it.  My kids have really been enjoying Khan Academy videos and exercises, and this follows that growing trend of redefining free, on-education for the future.

With the sky-rocketing cost of conventional educational institutions (not to mention the absurd level of student loan debt in this country) it will be interesting to see where all this goes.

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