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Countdown to Ubuntu 11.10?

Back to the world of Linux: I just realized that the new version of the Ubuntu operating system, 11.10 (codenamed Oneiric Ocelot) is due to be released for download tomorrow, October 13th.

I’ve talked about my personal experience with the new Ubuntu with Unity here before. I’ve really tried to like it, but am just too content with the Gnome 2.3 and Enlightenment Desktop Managers/Environments to have any desire to switch to Unity. Even the new Gnome 3 Shell has been disappointing to me so far, but a lot of people (besides the Gnome developers) have been trying to make it more usable, as have the Unity developers. I keep finding numerous articles and blog posts about ways to drastically improve both Unity and Gnome 3, so there is certainly hope. I enjoy trying new things; I really do! So I can’t shake this perverse desire to try out Ubuntu again soon, especially now since you can install and run Gnome Shell along with Unity in Ubuntu 11.10. I will have to actually install it on my ‘experimental’ computer to truly find out what’s improved in terms of functionality. But I love the challenge!

So I’ve been finding it a little strange that the Ubuntu website has absolutely no mention of the release of 11.10 tomorrow. The major news on their Home page seems to be aimed at non-Linux users: ‘Ubuntu One is now available for Windows’. Up till now the Ubuntu Home page has always had the ‘Countdown to Ubuntu’ ticker and plenty of info about the upcoming release , which happens every six months. But from what I can see, no one checking their site would have a clue about Oneiric Ocelot. That seems odd.

Anyway, here are a couple of websites that do mention the big day tomorrow for anyone out there who is interested in trying out the new Ubuntu operating system, and not just the Ubuntu One file-sharing application:

The countdown to Oneiric Ocelot begins, Ubuntu 11.10 arrives October 13th

The World Welcomes Oneiric Ocelot: Ubuntu 11.10

15 Things I did after installing the new Ubuntu 11.10

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