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A great educational resource that’s also very entertaining

One of my children’s favorite TV series is a PBS show called ‘Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman’. It’s on our local PBS station at 5 o’clock on weekdays, usually when I’m making dinner, which is handy for all of us. Lately Fiona has been watching a lot of episodes of ‘Fetch’ on-line when she gets the opportunity. And Arthur loves it, too. One of the neat things about this show is how extremely educational and humorous it is. I’ve also noticed many times over the last few months that both of my kids (ages 6 and 9) will often bring up some really interesting tidbit of knowledge, and I’ll ask them, ‘How did you know that?’; and they’ll say, ‘I saw it on Ruff Ruffman’.

The show is a mixture of animated characters (led by Ruff) and real kids who Ruff sends on missions that involve finding clues, figuring out puzzles and participating in all kinds of mentally and physically challenging activities. It’s a wonderful demonstration of learning by doing, coupled with mystery and drama and some very funny dialog. Even older kids, (myself included) find this show a lot of fun to watch. But check out the above website and THIS for more information. There’s also a Facebook page HERE.

Just recently while I was looking up info about the show I discovered that Season Five of Fetch, from last year, was the final season. After about 100 episodes, due to a lack of funding, no new episodes of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman will be made. And this makes me genuinely sad! My kids love watching the old episodes; but it bums me out that another witty, creative and informative show has gone away because of a lack of money. I also discovered there’s an on-line petition addressed to WGBH in Boston, the station that produced Ruff, to try to bring new episodes back in the future. There’s another on Facebook as well. I added my name, of course, and if you want to also, it’s HERE.

That’s all I have to say right now. Since it’s just a couple of days till Halloween, I’ve also added a link to an informative article about the many origins of this often misunderstood holiday/holy day.

Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations: Halloween


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