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News about Linux Mint 12

I’ve been waiting patiently to hear some news (besides rumors) about the upcoming release of my favorite Linux distro, Mint 12. It’s supposed to come out sometime in November. So just now I happened to check the Linux Mint website and found this enlightening blog post about the new version of Linux Mint. This should be very interesting!

So here you go, Mint fans: Linux Mint 12 Preview

I’m actually a little scared about this, but also excited. If the Mint developers can take the good parts of Gnome 3 Shell (beautiful design, simplicity) and combine that with the functionality I love about Gnome 2, this could be really great! Right now I’ve been using Mint 10 on our main computer (Bodhi Linux on another desktop and laptop) and everything works perfectly. I’m still trying to decide if I want to take the plunge, maybe after a month or two, and install Mint 12. Eventually, I guess I’ll have to. I can’t wait to see the final release of the new Gnome 3 Linux Mint!

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