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Taking the Plunge…

January 23, 2010 7 comments

So, it’s Saturday morning, January 23rd.  And I, David Burke, age 53, husband of Stephanie, father of Arthur, 7, and Fiona, 4, am beginning a blog!

I am one of the last people I would ever expect to write a blog.

When this “web log” thing first began cropping up a few years ago it seemed to me like a curiosity. I could understand why people who were knowledgeable in a certain area might be inclined to write an on-line journal to share their expertise, or reporters to immediately post that late-breaking story; but why would ordinary, everyday human beings be inclined to chronicle our personal, mundane thoughts and activities out across the world-wide web? It seemed so impersonal. So mildly self-indulgent, (like, who’s really gonna care what we all have to say)?

Well, of course that was before anyone had heard of MySpace or Facebook or Twitter (and don’t get me started on “texting”). That was before I could know what a friend of a friend of mine had for dinner ten minutes ago, or what they thought about that new movie they just went to see, just by opening my web browser. And that was when the world-wide web was still an impersonal wasteland of random data flying around in a cloud of streaming electrons. And Google became a noun and a verb and a way of instantaneously finding information and ideas and opinions at the stroke of a key.

Gosh, now Bots and corporations and governments follow every click of our mice, and privacy is fast becoming a thing of the past. Yet these days I find myself delving more and more into the vast sea of the blogosphere, (is that a word?) and laughing and being moved to tears and learning all kinds of things I never would have thought to search for;  from experts and housewives and stay at home dads and ranting lunatics. There certainly is a lot we can learn from the myriad voices of humanity, and this new kind of connection of minds through the Internet intrigues the hell out of me.

It can also be a little scary. Is this the next phase in human evolution, brought about by ourselves? In fifteen years will we all have our computers implanted as tiny chips in our brains? Will the Internet become part of our consciousness in ways inconceivable at this moment? Will it take on a life of its own? (Skynet!!!)

Whoa Dave!! But I digress…  It’s just that the future is flying at us quicker than we can imagine. I read Alvin Tofflers’ “Future Shock” back in the seventies, and WOW! It’s really happening.  And all this talk about the “singularity” and cyber-terrorism and the exponential growth of technology and knowledge is a bit daunting. Where is it leading us? And how do “we” take the lead back?

I guess that’s why I want to look at the Internet and the tools we use to communicate through it as a great opportunity to discover what it means to be human *(on that note, we should all read more good science fiction… but I digress again!). I think the internet can help us connect with other diverse human beings and learn in ways we never could before. Maybe help us understand other cultures and beliefs and why we need to work TOGETHER to keep from destroying this precious world. Our differences can make us stronger, if we accept our shared connection as human beings (and the interconnection of ALL living things).

You may now join hands and sing Kumbaya… 😉

Ya know, this is what I was afraid might happen when I just jump into the stream of consciousness thing. But that’s what this blog thing is all about, I guess. And this is how my mind works (and the internet!!) One connection leads to another and another and……

So. Getting back to my introduction;

I’m interested in a lot of stuff: spirituality, history, philosophy, mythology, anthropology, astronomy, food, art, home schooling, Linux, computers in general, science fiction, movies, photography, meditation, etc. I’m thinking of making separate blogs to focus on a particular interest, but for now I’d like to just see how this goes. Stream of consciousness. Streaming is good. The watercourse Way. Who knows where it will take me (us). And that is getting me rather excited! (And this will be good medicine for the mid winter depression that can affect those of us in northern climes)!

I don’t know if anyone besides a few friends or family may read this, and that’s OK.

I have lived in the moment quite a bit. And most of my life so far has been filled with joy, and many moments of downright BLISS! But we can get into that in future installments.

I  married my soul mate 12 years ago and have helped bring into existence two amazing children. I enjoy creating things (painting, drawing, sculpture) and love learning new things. BUT… for a very long time I’ve really wanted to be a writer! I’ve written poetry since I was sixteen or so, and I’m quite happy about that; but I also feel a need to write much more. Stories, novels, you know. And “they” always say “write what you know” and “write something every day”. So this is as good a start as any to get that under way.

In closing, for now (I need to eat breakfast, the sun is shining!! and Stephanie needs to use this computer!) I would like to thank Wil Wheaton (you know – the one from “Stand by Me”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and lots more). I discovered his blog a year or so ago and just thoroughly enjoy his personality and his writing. It’s in my Links. Wil, and other blogs I’ve been led to lately are what got me to begin this crazy thing. So… Thanks Wil!

Talk to ya soon…

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