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Speaking of Animation… and a new TV series I’m looking forward too

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, It’s actually sunny here in western New York this morning! Although that probably won’t last for very long… (sigh).

To start off 2011 I’d like to talk a little about an animated film we all watched last night on Netflix. It is called The Secret of Kells. A film by Tom Moore from 2009. I’d heard of it, and seen a few clips somewhere, but watching the entire film (about and hour and fifteen minutes) was a moving, captivating, mystically wondrous experience! I am absolutely in love with this brilliant film!

The combination of different animation techniques used in the movie are unlike anything I’ve seen before. And despite the lack of 3-D fanciness and high-tech CGI, I think this is one of the most beautiful animated films I’ve ever seen! For anyone familiar with the historic 9th century Book of Kells, this movie is like watching those intricate, stylized illustrations come to life. The story is funny, magical, menacing and filled with the darkness of that Dark Age which is ultimately transformed by light and hope. The story is a wonderful mix of  Celtic, Christian and Pagan spiritual themes. The characters are thoroughly delightful. And the music throughout the film (which I have not seen mentioned in on-line reviews) is stirring and joyous and every bit as wonderful as the animated artwork. This is the kind of movie I’d like to watch again and again, it’s such a visual and emotional treat!

Here’s a nice promotional trailer to get a taste of the film: Secret of Kells: youtube

And a couple of reviews HERE and HERE.

Now moving on to a television series that’s coming to HBO in April, called A Game of Thrones from the book by George R. R. Martin. I’ve heard of the novel but never read it, and it’s the first book in a series, so hopefully HBO will continue the TV series to include the other volumes. The following trailer for the series has got me really excited to see it! They’ve gone to great cost and detail to make this show look real. And it stars Sean Bean (Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring)! It’s great to see him again, and in such a familiar role.

So check it out: A Game of Thrones – Extended Trailer on youtube  

So long for now!