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Late Summer Rambling Thoughts…

I have nothing of particular merit to express today, but I feel a need to check in anyway. Summer is growing old. September is here again and it’s a cool and overcast day.

This past Sunday we met some friends at Old Fort Niagara for a wonderful adventure into the past. Wow, what a cool place! I’d never been there before. Going inside the castle that the French built almost three hundred years ago was amazing. The building itself is an incredibly beautiful structure. The history that exudes from every stone of the place was exhilarating; feeling the cool breeze blowing off of Lake Ontario; walking around where so many people lived and died right up to the time of World War 2, when German POWs were housed there. The kids had a wonderful time as well. This place is home-school heaven! I can’t wait to go back to see some of the famous battle re-enactments. It was cool enough just seeing a few guys in eighteenth century uniforms shooting off real muskets!

Changing gears a bit: Last night I watched the original 1982 ‘Conan the Barbarian’ movie again. (I know – I promise: no more mention of Conan after this!) Damn! It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and you know – it’s even better than I remembered. Compared to the new version, I appreciate John Milius’ film with Arnold (and co-written by Oliver Stone, no less) even more now. The movie has a romantic heart and heroic soul that makes it a cult classic in my mind. Plus it had James Earl Jones, for Pete’s sake, as the classiest bad-guy-cult-leader-sorcerer ever! And Sandahl Bergman was a magnificent Valeria! And Mako!

There; I’ve had my little movie rant for today. But as the September air turns cooler and the days a bit shorter, I look forward to the return of my beloved ‘Fringe‘ to our TV screens. And ‘Doctor Who‘ has returned with a vengeance for the second half of the new series. I can’t decide whether this show is completely insane or utterly brilliant! Perhaps both. But Moffat and company have certainly ramped up the ‘Timey-Wimey’ paradoxical complexity of time travel to its fullest this season. Watch, if you dare! 

One more thing I definitely need to share: This amazing video of the opening credits from the old ‘Jonny Quest‘ animated TV show, done with action figures. This is brilliant!

That is all…


Charlie is so cool like

The other day my wife posted a link on her Facebook page of this entitled “Procrastination”. It was a rather entertaining video, and led me to the official Youtube website of the young author, a British lad named Charlie McDonnell.  Charlie is twenty years old at present and I think he started making his video blog about four years ago. My son Arthur (age 8 1/2) came in and we started watching more of Charlie’s videos. And soon realized it was hard to stop. They are very funny! This young guy is a natural entertainer. He’s fantastically inventive, witty, insightful, and has a delightfully endearing personality.

We soon discovered that Charlie (being British) is a huge fan of the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series. And he’s also a musician who is in a band called ‘Chameleon Circuit‘ who perform their own original songs about ‘Doctor Who’! And the songs I’ve heard are really fun! The band is working on their second CD right now. Here are some samples for all you fans of The Doctor out there:

Doctor What

An Awful Lot of Running


Here is the direct link to Charlie’s Youtube video blog: charlieissocoollike. And his website home page HERE for more info, music and such.

I think this guy has a great future ahead of him in entertainment of many kinds. And Arthur and my daughter Fiona have been having a riot watching Charlie’s work on-line! So have I. Isn’t this Youtube thing pretty groovy? Anybody can post videos, but Charlie really has talent. Check him out.