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Green Porno

April 11, 2011 2 comments

A while ago I heard of this wacky video series called Green Porno that was made by Isabella Rossellini about the mating habits of insects and other animals. Actually, I first saw some photos from the series and thought to myself  ‘Isabella is either nuts or amazingly cool’ (see above). But that was over a year ago. Then yesterday on the ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ TV show they had an interview with Isabella and talked about her work with training guide dogs (she’s quite an animal lover), and about Green Porno. It was fabulous! And it prompted me to check out the Sundance Channel website to watch some of the videos from the series. And there’s also a new series by Isabella along the same lines called Seduce Me.

I always liked Isabella Rossallini, especially after seeing Blue Velvet. That movie was amazingly disturbing! Probably my favorite performance by Dennis Hopper, too. She looks so much like her mother, who I fell deeply in love with as a kid. And she’s always seemed like such a creative person with many diverse interests, besides being a model and actress. I saw her on 30 Rock a few months back and she was delightful. Isabella seems like the kind of person who’d be tremendous fun to hang out with. I wonder if she’d visit us for dinner sometime? She lives somewhere in New York State!

So check out the videos. They’re short but incredibly entertaining, educational and funny as hell. I especially love this one on earthworm reproduction. It’s a bizarre coincidence, but after watching it last night we came down to let the dogs out this morning and there were worms all over the yard doing the exact same thing! Life is such an education!

I may never look at another earthworm again without thinking of Isabella Rossellini.

Next time, we look at the ever-changing world of Ubuntu, Unity and Gnome 3 for the Linux desktop…