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A Beautiful Summation of SOPA by Khan Academy

SOAPBOX: To me, the so-called ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ is one of the most frightening foreshadowings of how the corporate control of our government is attempting to destroy what little Democracy we have left. Isn’t this the kind of crap the Chinese government practices? The only difference is, this is disguised as doing something that sounds reasonable.

Here is a quote I saw on Wil Wheaton’s blog today:“Why is it that when Republicans and Democrats need to solve the budget and the deficit, there’s deadlock, but when Hollywood lobbyists pay them $94 million dollars to write legislation, people from both sides of the aisle line up to co-sponsor it?
–Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian on CNBC.

And HERE is a video from Khan Academy that succinctly explains this whole SOPA mess. Please watch it!

That is all from the Soapbox today…

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Khan Academy

A while back my wife told me about a great home schooling resource called ‘The Khan Academy’. We’re home schooling our kids and I’m constantly in search of new resources besides textbooks and other written material we already have. There are numerous websites, TED, and other on-line educational resources, but I finally got around to checking out The Khan Academy the other day, and it is brilliant!

The website was started by a guy named Salman Khan, a successful hedge fund manager who originally made some algebra videos for his cousin and decided to branch out and create a ton of videos on Youtube covering a wide range of subjects. It has now grown into a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a quality education to anyone (with a little help from Bill Gates) for free. But instead of me going over the story here, check out the links below for more in-depth information.

The range of topics covered on The Khan Academy site are incredible! Not just tons of math, but history, biology, physics, astronomy, economics, politics, SAT preparation; to name just a few. And the format of these videos is brilliant! This is not your average televised talking head type of video. It’s more like computer blackboard illustrations that go along with the narrative, all done by Sal Khan himself, that last approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. And there are also interactive practice lessons available. My son and daughter love watching them, and so do I! There’s material for every age range right up through college level instruction. I’ve been spending at least an hour or so a day watching videos with the kids.

Such a simple idea, but I think his really could produce a revolution in education. But check out the Khan Academy for yourself. I love this guy!

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