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November 12, 2010 2 comments

My two favorite GNU/Linux operating systems, Linux Mint and Pinguy OS, have just released updated versions today on If anyone reading this is the least bit curious about trying out an open source, full-featured, easy to use computer operating system that costs nothing, give these a gander. These two are especially suited to novice computer users or those you don’t know much about Linux. You can download it, burn it to a disc or mount to a USB stick to try out on your computer. You boot the computer from the CD (or DVD) without touching your Windows installation on the hard drive. Give it a go! It’s fun! There are so many cool ways to run your computer than just using Windows or Mac OS. And they’re free!

Pinguy OS

Linux Mint

While we’re at it, you can check out this interesting article which may prove enlightening: A Tale of Two Computers.

And here’s a new ad for Ubuntu Linux, which Mint and Pinguy OS are based on, that’s kind of neat, considering no one’s ever made an advertisement for Ubuntu (or any Linux distro) before:

Official Ubuntu Advert at Its Awesome Best!

In conclusion for today, here’s another link I came across that has nothing to do with Linux or computers. I just think it’s interesting:

Reality Is What Our Minds Make Of It

Good Night!

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