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Trek in the Park

Last Saturday I heard a little story on National Public Radio: Weekend Edition about a theatrical group in Oregon who put on productions of Star Trek in the park. They actually perform episodes of the original Star Trek series for free in an outdoor venue! (Move over, Shakespeare!) I immediately fell in love with this idea.

So I found a website and some videos on Youtube.  I really wish someone would do this around our area!! Can you imagine Trek in the Park at Highland Bowl? It would be glorious! I must share this with everyone I know!

‘Trek in the Park’: Drama in The Final Frontier

Trek in the Park on Youtube! I especially love the guy who plays Spock!

Moving on to a couple of other things I’d like to share:

Marc Cohn has a new album/CD of cover songs from 1970. We love this man, what a voice!  Marc Cohn – Listening Booth: 1970

And I just saw this cool rich media presentation on Scientific American’s website: 12 Events That Will Change Everything