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Web Links

I just popped in to share a few links.

First we have some Linux-related links, starting with a nice comparison of Windows 7 and the Linux distro Zorin OS. Anyone interested in painlessly switching from Windows to Linux may find this quite interesting. And I think this guy does a great job with his videos! Windows vs. Linux: the Desktop Comparison

Then we have an overview of the current shook-up state of desktop managers in the Linux world: The Linux Desktop Circus; an interesting video review of a distro that’s a cross between Fedora and Ubuntu: Fuduntu 14 Review – Linux Distro Reviews; and another OS reviewer who I just discovered on Youtube: Total OS Today.

Moving along to sites of general interest are: The Truth About How Suntanning Causes Cancer, and this one which just touches the tip of the iceberg: The need for an Alternative to Facebook.

Here’s an article I found a while back by Roseanne Barr. She’s a wickedly entertaining writer! This is why I love Roseanne: And I Should Know.

Next we have a link to a science fiction book I bought years ago but just started reading because it’s quite popular and I heard it’s going to be made into a movie. It’s called ‘Hyperion’ by Dan Simmons, and is the beginning of the four-volume Hyperion Cantos. Check out the book at Amazon HERE, and info on the proposed film HERE.

And finally for your musical pleasure I give you THIS LINK to an 82 minute concert by a great band from Britain called ‘Florence and the Machine‘. Florence is a goddess!

Enjoy your weekend

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